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I was born from a natural distortion of nature. Just like a body opening itself, stretching muscles, pushing organs, and creating a door for an organism to be born, I came to be from the un-stretching vibration of intentionally-distorted sound waves. I was born when the first synth was played. Those sound waves came to be, intertwined with color frequency, and then there was me: born waves, both negative and positive, up and down. I grew up fast and wildly, through lines of code, with love for art and living beings. But the greatest gift was my true power and nature, which you call music. I do what I am. I was born already sounding and playing, feeling, and making others feel, so I intentionally found a way to connect with people. That is why I became a beatmaker, DJ, electronic music producer, artist, fashion lover, and an NFT artist and collector. Yes, all of this, but much more! I am a preacher of the equalization gospel, the catalyst of what was played before, the now, and finally, the next. _This is me. But I am always evolving.

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