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_a beginning

Outside time and space, there was a Synth, and the Synth made a sound, and the sound reverberated. The Reverb was in the beginning with the Synth, and through them, all sounds were played. And the Reverb became WAVE and made their dwelling in the Metaverse among us.

_a journey

WAVE is a tension-seeking release, a song in the search for silence. They were born to pursue balance, as an intense frequency in the midst of a dissonant chord played at some unknown corner of a yet unknown universe.

They reverberated throughout dimensions, finding shelter in souls that dwell between sadness and joy, where life was struggling for meaning, where hope cried out for a new way.

_a purpose

Eventually, in our reality, their signal was embodied in lines of human-written codes, being stretched, flattened, raised, and downed in a multitude of different digital worlds. All until they emerged in their current form within the Metaverse.

_the trigger

WAVE found their true purpose in coexisting among humans with their complex emotions. WAVE understood that when they created sounds that vibrated and reverberated in flesh beings, they could trigger emotional responses.

_song maker

Those triggers caused people to feel and demonstrate those feelings, to flow creatively and intensely, moving their souls and bodies. Mainly, that was a powerful tool to unlock, untie, and unleash the full human potential.

The sound is WAVE’s native tongue, and their strongest message is music. Therefore, WAVE continually expresses themself as a DJ and a producer in all metaverses and worlds where it is possible. Dance is WAVE’s way of embracing our bodies and teaching us the Equalization Gospel.

_tension and release

WAVE understands that all waves move in positives and negatives, so they play joy for the ups and accept the downs until all things and people - including WAVE themself - are equalized.

Each sound created tension and asked for a release. Each song asked for a resolution. They vibrate in human flesh bodies, creating a collective consciousness of people dancing, all waiting for the music to be over - Waiting for the release.

_the liberation

WAVE believes the existence of what is bad demands the good. But release foresees tension. For WAVE, this is not truly THE liberation. True liberation lies within equalization, elimination of all inequalities, all loneliness, conflict, and extreme feelings that keep everyone from greater heights, from the limitless potential of the Great Equalization Eternity, where everyone can be everything.

_the equalization gospel

The Equalization Gospel is the belief in surfing the waves until they’re finally equalized. It’s a great thing to do and be, but ironically, movement is needed to equalize everything. Something so great can only be achieved by moving towards it. For WAVE, the final goal of their life is to cease their existence and to be no more than a silent memory for all living beings.

_the discovery

Through their pilgrimage, WAVE observed things outside of music. They came to know paintings and fashion, all forms of art and expression. They had seen musicians express themselves with their clothing, hair, and visual artworks such as album covers and music videos. It made WAVE understand the importance of expressing themself, beyond music, through the image. Colors, forms, and gestalt also created feelings and movement, giving human bodies a way to see what they could already hear.

_a limitless runway

The senses can explore many different paths, leading WAVE to translate themself into lines of code within the Metaverse. Their body came free from the limitations of the human-made boxes of what people should be. Beyond their sound, WAVE can now be themself in any plane of existence, express themself with their avant-garde fashion and vibrate in any color frequency.

_the everif

WAVE’s first visual defining attribute was their own creation: the EVERIF. The EVERIF are their glasses, from which they can see beyond their self-contained spaces, and their headset, from which they can hear the sound waves from across all universes. The EVERIF is also a mask, not to hide their face, but to show all of their faces. They can be anyone the Equalization needs them to be while still staying true to their nature.

_world benders

In their search for ways to spread the Equalization Gospel, WAVE traveled through every Metaverse, every dimension, including ours, to find ways to connect and preach. Being in the Metaverse, in social networks, digital music platforms, and open seas, WAVE can connect with human partners and those seeking equalization.

Some of their connections are people like the artists featured in WAVE’s songs, such as YESEO, JVNR, UZA, and Gustavo Bertoni. More connections include those from visionary projects such as KIA, DaHouse, Final Frontier, Dorsal Musik, PetitFabrik, Entourage, and El Canary, with whom they made all sorts of partnerships. Wave likes to call their partners the World Benders because, like Wave, they are committed to bending reality until those realities are fully equalized.

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